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Complete bibliography

The publications are, for each period, ordered by the name of first author and then by the descending year of publication.

Recent publications (since 2004)

Brand-new additions are marked with in the list.

Andrt M., Kratky M., Svatek V., Snasel V.: AmphoraWS – webova sluzba pro vyhledavani ve strukturovanych dokumentech. [AmphoraWS – Web service for querying semi-structured data.] In: Datakon'04, Brno 2004. Full paper.
Kratky M., Andrt M., Svatek V.: XML Query Support for Web Information Extraction: A Study on HTML Element Depth Distribution. In: First International Workshop on Representation and Analysis of Web Space (RAWS-05). Full paper.
Labsky M., Svatek V., Praks P., Svab O.: Information extraction from HTML product catalogues: coupling quantitative and knowledge-based approaches. In: Dagstuhl Seminar on Machine Learning for the Semantic Web, 2005. Full paper.
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Labsky M., Vacura M., Praks P.: Web Image Classification for Information Extraction. In: First International Workshop on Representation and Analysis of Web Space (RAWS-05). Full paper.
Labsky M., Svatek V., Svab O., Praks P., Kratky M., Snasel V.: Information Extraction from HTML Product Catalogues: from Source Code and Images to RDF. In: 2005 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'05), IEEE Computer Science, 2005. Full paper.
Labsky M.: Product information extraction from semistructured documents using HMMs. In: Poster papers of Znalosti 2004, Brno, February 2004. Full paper.
Labsky M., Svatek V.: Information Extraction from Web Product Catalogues. Working paper. Full paper.
Labsky M., Svatek V., Svab O.: Types and Roles of Ontologies in Web Information Extraction. In: ECML/PKDD04 Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Ontologies, Pisa. Full paper.
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Nemrava J., Svatek V.: Text mining tool for ontology engineering based on use of product taxonomy and web directory. In: Workshop on Databases, Texts, Specifications and Objects (DATESO'05), Ostrava 2005. Full paper.
Nemrava J.: Product taxonomy and web directory as support for ontology engineers. In: ICML Workshop on Learning and Extending Lexical Ontologies by using Machine Learning Methods, Bonn 2005. Full paper.
Svab O., Svatek V.: Proceduralni propojeni nastroju pro extrakci informaci z webovych sidel. [Procedural combination of tools for information extraction from web sites.] In: Poster Papers of Znalosti 2005, High Tatras 2005. Full paper.
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Svab O., Svatek V., Kavalec M., Labsky M.: Querying the RDF: Small Case Study in the Bicycle Sale Domain. In: Workshop on Databases, Texts, Specifications and Objects (DATESO'04), also at http://www.ceur-ws.org/Vol-98. Full paper.
Svatek V.: The Rainbow Project: Multiway Analysis of Website Content and Structure. In: Znalosti 2006, Hradec Kralove, February 2006. Full paper.
Svatek V., ten Teije A., Vacura M.: Web Service Composition for Deductive Web Mining: A Knowledge Modelling Approach. In: Znalosti 2005, High Tatras 2005. Full paper.
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Svatek V., Labsky M., Vacura M.: Knowledge Modelling for Deductive Web Mining. In: EKAW 2004, Whittlebury Hall, UK, Springer LNCS, to appear. Draft paper (final version available via SpringerLink).
Volavka F., Svatek V.: Identifikace navigační struktury webové prezentace na základě topologie odkazů. [Identification of navigation structure of website based on link topology.] In: Znalosti 2004, Brno 2004. Full paper.

Older publications (2001-2003)

Kavalec M., Svatek V.: Information Extraction and Ontology Learning Guided by Web Directory. In: ECAI Workshop on NLP and ML for Ontology engineering (OLT-02). Lyon, 2002. Full paper.
Kavalec M., Svatek V., Strossa P.: Web Directories as Training Data for Automated Metadata Extraction. In: Semantic Web Mining, Workshop at ECML/PKDD-2001, Freiburg 2001. Full paper.
Labsky M., Svatek V.: Ontology Merging in Context of Web Analysis. In: Workshop on Databases, Texts, Specifications and Objects (DATESO'03), Ostrava 2003. Full paper (ZIP).
Strossa P., Svatek V., Kavalec M.: Towards Intelligent Indexing of Web Pages Using Important Information Indicators. LISP-2001-1 Technical Report, 2001.
Svatek V.: RAINBOW - navrh modularni architektury pro analyzu a zpristupnovani WWW. [RAINBOW - proposal for modular architecture for WWW analysis and information access.] In: Rauch J., Stepankova O. (eds.). Znalosti 2001. Praha 2001, 209-216.
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Svatek V., Kavalec M., Klemperer J.: Towards the Discovery of Implicit Metadata in Commercial Web Pages. In: (Malyankar R., ed.) Collected Posters, ISWC - First International Semantic Web Conference. Sardinia, Italy, June 2002, p.57. Poster summary.
Svatek V., Kosek J., Vacura M.: Ontology Engineering for Multiway Acquisition of Web Metadata. LISP-2002-1 Technical Report, 2002. Full paper.
Svatek V., Berka P., Kavalec M., Kosek J., Vavra V.: Discovering company descriptions on the web by multiway analysis. In: New Trends in Intelligent Information Processing and Web Mining (IIPWM'03), Zakopane 2003. Springer-Verlag, 'Advances in Soft Computing' series, 2003. Full paper.
Svatek V., Vacura M.: Problem-Solving Models of Website Analysis. In: Poster Track of the Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2003), Budapest 2003. Extended abstract.
Svatek V., Braza J., Sklenak V.: Towards Triple-Based Information Extraction from Visually-Structured HTML Pages. In: Poster Track of the Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2003), Budapest 2003. Extended abstract.
Svatek V., Kosek J., Labsky M., Braza J., Kavalec M., Vacura M., Vavra V., Snasel V.: Rainbow - Multiway Semantic Analysis of Websites. In: 2nd International DEXA Workshop on Web Semantics (WebS03), Prague 2003, IEEE Computer Society Press 2003. Full paper.
Vacura M.: Multiway Approach to Content Recognition on Internet. LISP-2002-2 Technical Report, 2002. Full paper.
Volavka F., Sajal M., Svatek V.: Topology-based discovery of navigation structure within websites. In: Datakon'03, Brno 2003. Full paper.

Very old publications (1999-2000, some related to pre-cursor projects)

Berka P., Sochorova M., Svatek V., Sramek D.: The VSEved System for Intelligent WWW Metasearch. In: (Rudas I. J., Madarasz L., eds.:) INES'99 - IEEE Intl. Conf. on Intelligent Engineering Systems, Stara Lesna 1999, 317-321.
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Kosek J., Svatek V.: XML a ontologie jako integracni nastroje pro analyzu a zpristupnovani WWW. [XML and ontologies as integration tools for WWW analysis and information access.] In: (Valenta J., ed.) Datasem'00, Brno 2000.
Sramek D., Berka P., Kosek J., Svatek V.: Improving WWW Access - from Single-Purpose Systems to Agent Architectures? In: Cerri S. A., Dochev D. (ed.). Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, and Application. Berlin : Springer Verlag, 2000, 167-178. Full paper.
Svatek V., Berka P.: URL as starting point for WWW document categorisation. In: (Mariani J., Harman D.:) RIAO'2000 - Content-Based Multimedia Information Access, CID, Paris, 2000, 1693-1702. Full paper.
Svatek, V., and Kavalec, M. Supporting Case Acquisition and Labelling in the Context of Web Mining, in (Zighed D., Komorowski J., Zytkow J.:) Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery - PKDD2000. Springer, 2000, pp. 626-631. Full paper.